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Bentley GT3 Racer Concept Joyride – WheelsTV

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Experience the Bentley GT3 Racer Concept Joyride. View more at http://youtube.com/wheelstv

2001-2009 Chrysler PT Cruiser Pre-Owned Vehicle Review – WheelsTV

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The 2001 to 2009 Chrysler PT CruiserÕs consumer appeal has grown during its long production run due to its unconventional

2007 NOPI Chicks – Bikini Contest – WheelsTV

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What's the best thing about NOPI? The cars... and the girls!Check us out on http://wheelstv.net

2001-2006 BMW X5 Pre-Owned Vehicle Review – WheelsTV

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The 2001 to 2006 BMW X5 combines all-weather prowess with outstanding performance in a premium crossover blessed with style and

2002-2008 BMW 7 Series Pre-Owned Vehicle Review – WheelsTV

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The BMW 7-Series has earned worldwide acclaim as a powerful and luxurious automobile worthy of BMW’s high-end image, combining impressive

2009 Hot Import Nights – Fashion Show – WheelsTV

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The 2009 Hot Import Nights Fashion Show took place in Anaheim, CA and there were lots of beautiful girls ready

Detroit Debuts – 2013 Detroit Auto Show – WheelsTV

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Several manufacturers chose the world-renowned 2013 North American International Auto Show to debut new additions to their product lineup. Here

Concept Cars – 2013 Detroit Auto Show – WheelsTV

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We're taking a look into the future of the automobile with several daring concepts debuting here at the 2013 North

Fiat 500e – 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show – WheelsTV

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The worldwide marketplace for electric-powered vehicles continues to expand and Fiat hopes to take the lead here in America with

Exotic – Audi R8 Spyder – WheelsTV

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The 2012 R8 Spyder provides astronomical performance without a price tag to match.

Exotic – Porsche 911 Carrera 4 – WheelsTV

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Thereís little doubt that Porsche maintains an unwavering position in the hierarchy of all great sports cars and the 2013

Exotic – Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 ST – WheelsTV

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The 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 ST continues to enhance the high-performance image earned by Lamborghini's dedication to spectacular styling, barrier-breaking

Hot August Nights 25th Anniversary Show – WheelsTV

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Hosts Bill Stephens and Maria Prekeges Highlight some of the the Classic Cars, people and live Rock & Roll from

Quarter Mile Rock – WheelsTV

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A half hour of Rock music and Drag Racing Visit http://www.wheelstv.net to take an interactive video test

Franklin Mint – Car Show at the Home of the Car Model – WheelsTV

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A look at the history of the Franklin Mint, as well as the Antique Automobile Festival and the 100th anniversary

PS I Love You

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  Nobody asked me, but . . . Dear Kevin, I know you’ve been wondering about the whereabouts of that S550 4Matic Merc you and your bride Jill dropped off with the valet at your hotel at LAX prior to y...

T Hoover Passes . . . in a Hemi

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Nobody asked me, but . . . The father of the Chrysler 426 Hemi passed away last week.  Tom Hoover.  But we  called him T Hoover when I worked a three-month assignment in the Product Planning Race Group while a memb...

Long Beach Formula E

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Nobody asked me, but . . . If there were any lingering doubts about fan reaction to the first race of electric cars at Long Beach, they were all dispelled by the cheering, waving and applause of the 23,000 spec...

2015 Ford Mustang

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Nobody asked me, but . . . When the 2005 Mustang was introduced, the V8 GT version made headlines for offering 300 bhp (and 320 lb-ft of torque) for less than $25,000. The 2015 Mustang introduced today is a...

2014 Mazda Mazda3 Wins MPG Innovation Vehicle of the Year Award

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Nobody asked me, but . . . The 2014 Mazda Mazda3 is the compact car with a difference.  That difference is SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY.  What is SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY?  It’s not just an engine philosophy but rather an o...