My time spent at the Larz Anderson Museum has been quite fruitful so far this Summer. First, with the classic delights of British Car Day, and then with the thoroughly modern experience of getting behind the wheel of the all-new Porsche Boxster Spyder, its safe to say I’ve had my share of thrills.

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That paled in comparison to what was to greet me Sunday June 20th (last Sunday). German Car Day was in full swing, and it was enormous.  On the drive up to the museum, Porsche 356 roadsters could be seen darting up back roads in packs. Entering the grounds, I was greeted with the largest collection of cars ever to turn out for the German Car event (the largest single show was one of the past iterations of the Tutto Italiano, taking place August first this year).

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You name it, it was there. 911 Turbo’s, 356 Speedsters, 2002’s, oh- and my personal favorite: A BMW 3.0 CSi. Sadly there was only one in attendance, indicating that I may be spending more than expected to acquire one some day. It will be mine…oh yes, it will be mine. (Sidenote: Under the 3.0’s ‘About this Car’ section, the owner scribbled in: “This car got to park next to a BMW M1!”- I found that rather amusing)

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Porsche 356’s were out in full force, including a coupe owned by Bob McKittrick (who showed up with son, Justin- it was, after all, Father’s day). Two end-caps to this gaggle of early Porsche’s were a 356 Speedster, and a completely unrestored 1957 356A. Owned by Robert Seigel, this barn find took top honors as for the Museum Choice award. (Unrestored classics have already been well documented as a favorite around here).

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It wouldn’t be a gathering of German automotive wares without an SL sighting, and two 300 SL’s did show up. This silver example, owned by Tom Larsen, won the Mercedes category. You really don’t understand how large this car is until you’re right up beside it. It’s easy to see why the SL was considered the first true supercar.

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The awards ceremony closed out the show- just before the rain struck no less! An Audi 100 Coupe S belonging to Rob Petschke won its class, while a 1960 VW Bus/Camper (which somehow I neglected to photograph) won the People’s Choice Award.

IMG_3633 IMG_3644

Upon leaving, I got to see an amazing 80’s 911 Turbo that was not even entered into the show. The only thing that could top it was the unrestored Land Rover atop Larz Anderson Park. I know this was German Car Day, but who cares- we’re ending with a Defender!


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