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So you’ve decided you need a seriously badass off road truck. Ford got there first with the SVT Raptor back in 2010. But neither Chevy nor Ram picked up on the Raptor’s scent. So it was left for a company renowned for performance to get into the hunt. That company would be Lingenfelter.   And its Reaper.

Raptor? Reaper? Has the hunter become the hunted?

Is this Reaper fellow as grim as his name? Based on a Chevrolet Silverado the heart of the Reaper is either the 5.3- or 6.2-liter Chevy V8. But this is Lingenfelter, remember, so after some motor wizardry, including a Magnuson supercharger and a Corsa performance exhaust system that heart is pumping out 475 (5.3) or 550 (6.2) desert- and pavement-pounding ponies.

A strong heart demands muscular limbs. The Reaper’s underpinnings include a Ride Tech suspension package and Fox Racing remote reservoir shock absorbers that add three inches to the Reaper’s wheel travel, for a total of 9.2 inches up front and 11.2 at the rear. At each corner you’ll find 20 inches of alloy wheel and General Grabber off road rubber.

For self preservation the Reaper is also fitted with a high clearance bumper with a reinforced, brushed stainless skid plate, rock guards and wide-body fender flares.

Reapers will be easy to spot in any Silverado crowd. Besides those fender flares, they’re the ones with distinctive Reaper badging and, typically, custom graphics. Inside the cabin, you’ll find a special gauge package and custom stitched headrest covers.

The hills above Willow Springs Raceway are perfect for Reaper-reccing. And in conditions where an abundance of torque and horsepower is frequently the exact opposite of what you need for getting a grip on yourself, the Reaper performed admirally; it’s a veritable ship of the desert.

Back on the paved low country, it’s fun playing uncle or auntie social by getting those Corsa mufflers crackling with nasty V8 exhaust notes from aggressive use of the loud pedal. And wondering how all that power and torque would feel turning left on a half-mile dirt oval or running nose-to-tail with Robby Gordon in a Stadium Super Truck event.

Lingenfelter partnered with Southern Comfort Automotive in Trussville, Alabama, where the Reaper is assembled. Reaper pricing is set by each local Chevrolet dealer and ranges from the upper $50’s to the low $80’s, depending upon how it is equipped. For the latest and greatest on features and specs and your closest dealer, spend a few minutes perusing the Lingenfelter website:  The following link will take you to a Reaper video: Reaper – Small

Read it and Reap!

Photos: Leslie Dinkel


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