Pennzoil Escaping The Ring

Nobody asked me, but . . .

If you’ve watched Rhys Millen doing magic car tricks in previous Pennzoil-inspired videos, trust me, you ain’t seen nuttin’ yet. His latest and greatest took place recently in Germany at the world’s largest outdoor emporium for hot laps.

The Nürburgring.  You might have seen the teaser.

Here you got the complete pleaser. Plus two additional videos on the filming, one that takes you behind the scenes and another tech feature on the BMW M4 CS Rhys drove for the shooting and the original equipment Pennzoil Synthetic oil used to protect the six-cylinder M TwinPower Turbo engine under the hood.

And this is the ultimate in oil refinement. Why? Because the oil isn’t crude. It’s a synthetic motor oil made from natural gas. So put that in your tail pipe and smoke it . . . On second thought, perhaps it’s best you leave it in the crankcase.

So enjoy the three-ring circus that follows:

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