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2007 Toyota Yaris Liftback

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Nobody asked me, but . . . There are very few arrows in Toyota’s quiver that haven’t found the mark, but the Echo, introduced in 2000, was one of them.  As an attempt to appeal to a youthful audience, the homely, ung...

2009 Mazda6 i Grand Touring

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Nobody asked me, but . . . Mazda designers and engineers faced a serious dilemma as they gathered to create the next Mazda6.  The current model didn’t have the broad appeal of its direct family sedan Asian competitor...

2009 Toyota Corolla

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Nobody asked me, but . . . Is it possible for a car to get too big for it’s britches?  Case in point: the new for 2009 Toyota Corolla XRS. The 2009 Corolla is the 10th generation of the best selling passenger car in ...

2011 Hyundai Sonata

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Nobody asked me but . . . Hyundai has been selling cars in the US since 1986.  And after a bit of a sputtering start, the last decade has seen years of steady growth for Hyundai in this market.  Starting at a mere ...

2018 New England Motor Press (NEMPA) Awards

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The New England Motor Press Association (NEMPA) held their annual awards dinner at the MIT Media Lab on Wednesday. The event, emceed by Chasing Classic Cars star Wayne Carini, includes NEMPA'S Winter Vehicle and R...

Is GM the Next Toyota?

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Nobody asked me, but . . . More than a year ago, as I viewed GM's "situation," I only somewhat facetiously told colleagues that the best thing GM could do would be to simply shut down all its operations in the US and...

Lotus Cup Comes To North America

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The series rules may exclude a "bi-coastal" desire to race in all scheduled inaugural Lotus Cup Series races in North America ... but this does present an interesting proposition for the first time Lotus Cup Race Series participant.

Putting Foot to Mouth . . . Once Again . . .

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Nobody asked me, but . . . Yesterday in WheelsTV I gave you a rundown (Actually it was a walkdown.) on some of Continental’s innovative technologies.  But I saved one for special mention today: Continental’s Accele...

Toyota Unintended Acceleration: Chasing the Ghosts of Crashes Past

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Nobody asked me, but  . . . NASA has just published its report on Toyota unintended acceleration.  I haven’t seen the full report, but the summary I have read has a familiar ring.  And I predict that lunatics and ske...